Got me a Mac (too)

20 Dec 2006

Like the legions of other Rails developers, I decided to get myself a Mac. I had to find out if it was really as great as what the hoopla about it seems to say.

I am quite happy working with Unix. I have Ubuntu on my laptop, and Fedora Core 6 on a server at home. Those environments are good, and I feel very productive there.

I needed to make the Mac behave as nicely. I get home from the store (a poorer man), and I figure it’s time to start configuring the thing. Of course, it takes me a good 15 minutes just to find the xterm. Er, terminal, I mean. I try the old

emacs &

but nothing. Then I remember, TextMate is the app everyone seems to be raving about. I need to download some tools!
So I start with the downloads: firefox. textmate. Excellent.

Now I want to look at some code, so I need to check out some svn repositories. Of course, I need to install the subversion client first. I ask google, and immediately find out about this whole fink vs macports debate. All these page talking about darwinPorts do not make matters any more clearer. I find out I need to install some extra developer tools from the disks. I need to update the tools, which leads me to have to join some Mac developer website to download the updates. Oh boy.

Finally, I get around to installing postgres. This is just like installing it on Linux, except that when reboot the machine, postgres is no longer running. I find out there is no /etc/init.d on my machine. How the heck do I get my database to start when I boot the machine?

This is not going to be quite as easy as I hoped.

Update 6 months later: Hands down winner is macports.